Basic Course

This course includes 6 hrs. of behind the wheel training. We pick the students up from home, school or work in a fully insured, dual controlled car. To go over road test skills such as parking, three point turns backing up for 50 feet without swerving and every skill needed to pass the Florida road test. The road test is the test students take to get their license.

Price $250.00


This course includes the basic program as well 2 extra hrs. We then move on to busy streets and intersections where the students will learn defensive driving skills and how to interact with heavy traffic and then we get them on to the interstate of Jacksonville so that the students learn safe entering and exiting.

Price $310.00


This course includes 10 hrs. Get up to speed on the latest in safety procedures and defensive driving techniques, Learn and practice basic driving maneuvers and vehicle control on a variety of road-types. All the core driving skills: turning, parking, lane position, and backing up (to name a few!) Put the rules of the road you learned in driver education to the test - work on following distance, starting on an incline, and other tricky driving situations, everything you need to know to ace the driving test personally taught to your learning style. Learn vehicle control and defensive driving.

Price $ 360.00


This course includes 12 hrs. of behind the wheel driving experience. This package will include the basic course, road test skills a 2 hr. road test and two hours to go over any areas of driving that the students is uncomfortable with. If for some reason the student should fail the road test, we will take them back for the test one time if needed.


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